Bill Baker is readily available for interviews.

If you’re interested in talking with Bill about his work, BBP Press or any other subject connected to the comics medium and the industry surrounding it, just contact him at:

Bill Baker
906.786.7561 [9 am to 10 pm EST best]

Paul Michael Kane is also available for interviews concerning his design work for BBP Press and other publishers, and he will happily discuss his own creative projects, as well. If you’d like to talk with Paul, you can contact him at:

Paul Michael Kane

To learn more about Paul, and his own projects, visit: or

If you’re interested in reviewing any BBP Press books or Bill Baker’s other work, simply call him or email your request via the contact information noted above.

Please be clear about what title[s] you’re interested in covering, which publication or website will carry your review and where the books should be sent, and he’ll do his best to make sure you get them in a timely manner.

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