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Garney BookFrom his earliest days drawing comics like G. I. Joe, Moon Knight and Ghost Rider at the beginning of nineties, to his acclaimed run on Captain America and the controversial relaunch of The Hulk later that same decade, to his most recent efforts drawing the adventures of The Amazing Spider-Man, Wolverine and Skaar, Son of Hulk, Ron Garney has proven himself to be a visual storyteller of both consummate skill and dedication.

Now, in a pair of extended conversations with veteran journalist Bill Baker, Garney charts his extraordinary life's journey as an artist. It's all here - from making his own comics as child, his rediscovery of the medium and first attempts to break into the industry, through his fledgling professional efforts and his years of serving as a workhorse for Marvel and DC Comics, to his most recent work in both comics and film. Along the way, he discusses his training and various influences, provides detailed explanations of his approach to the page and reveals why he changes his style from project to project. Garney holds little back, even addressing the price that the job has exacted from him over the years, how it's affected his personal and professional lives, and the important lessons he's learned from it all.

Filled with telling observations delivered with a Sahara-dry wit, displaying an almost embarrassing level of candor alloyed with an understated sophistication, Ron Garney: Going with The Flow presents a self-portrait of the artist as compelling and engaging as the comics he creates.


Mike Oeming is the well-known comic book co-creator behind great comics such as Powers, Bastard Samurai, and Hammer of the Gods, as well as the writer of the new Marvel Comics mini-series, Omega Flight. This interview with Oeming by Bill Baker, an experienced comics journalist, offers an illuminating look into Oeming’s work and career. The interview provides information on Oeming’s background, how his career developed, his struggles and successes, his work methods, thoughts on fellow collaborators, and future plans.

Neil Gaiman is the well-known and hugely popular writer of numerous fantasy and science fiction works, including many graphic novels. His series, The Sandman, became a cultural phenomenon and produced a devout following. These interviews offer an illuminating look into Gaiman’s work and career. Gaiman discusses storytelling, the themes in his work, current and future projects, the adaptation of his work for film and television, and his work habits and family life.

Award-winning writer Alan Moore is riding a wave of popularity. His comics and graphic novels are reaching a huge new audience stemming from the critical and commercial success of recent movies based on his work, including From Hell, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and V for Vendetta. Interviewer Bill Baker, a longtime comics journalist, coaxes Moore to discuss his influences and inspirations for these captivating stories. A must-read for any young comics aficionado.

Almost from his start in the business, George Perez has garnered the well-deserved praise of his fans, fellow professionals, and industry mavens. In his youth, he pumped out dynamic pages at the House of Ideas. In his most recent incarnation, this enormously talented illustrator has become the elder statesman of large scale action-adventure and high fantasy. Learn all about the artist in this fascinating interview by veteran comics journalist Bill Baker.


Alan Moore Spells It Out presents a three-plus hour interview on creativity with the celebrated scribe of From Hell, Watchmen, V for Vendetta and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Conducted by veteran comics journalist Bill Baker, whose work has been featured in magazines like Sketch, Comic Book Marketplace, and Cinefantastique, the discussion covers the entire length and breadth of Moore's career and touches on everything from his early efforts creating the Maxwell the Magic Cat cartoon strip as a teen to his most recent efforts on the ABC line of books. Alan Moore Spells It Out: On Comics, Creativity, Magic and much, much more is a book that will interest both the hard core fan as well as the casual reader of comics, and will prove of real and lasting value to anyone who'd like to learn how to create their own masterpieces. 6x8 Four color cover, 80 interior pages with a few B&W images



This three-plus hour interview with the author of Lost Girls, From Hell and numerous other classic comics, opens with Moore's extensive and detailed personal postmortem of his commercial comics career. The conversation eventually turns to his thoughts concerning the state of the art and industry, before moving on to touch upon Lost Girls, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and Jerusalem, his new novel, among other topics. Alan Moore's Exit Interview offers an intimate portrait of the artist within the context of his business, revealing both what he's accomplished and what it's cost him–personally and professionally–to remain true to himself and his art.