Each of the 6 sensory cards represents a different human sense that may be able to pick up clues from the other side. A "Visual" card would tell you to keep an eye open for things around you that look out of place. "Auditory" would tell you to listen for strange noises, and so on. "Tactile" represents physical feeling, "Olfactory" is your sense of smell, and "Gustatory" is taste. Look for clues within the rest of the cards to find additional meaning.



In many Eastern and Western spiritual traditions, the "Third Eye" is spoken of as a gate that leads within to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. Some say it may alternately symbolize a state of enlightenment or having deeply-personal mental images of spiritual or psychological significance. People who have developed the ability to use their third eye are know as 'seers' and can have visions of clairvoyance, precognition, and out-of-body experiences.

There are 8 character cards that represent individuals who walk amongst the living, or with those on the other side. At first during a reading, it may not be apparent exactly what a character card represents.

For example, if a "Boy" card is drawn, you might assume that the spirit of a young boy on the other side is trying to contact you. Deeper into the reading, you may come to realize that the spirit on the other side is trying to contact a boy among the living. There are many ways a character card could play into the big picture, so you need to keep an open mind before making a final call on the message.




These are specific places that, if drawn, can lead to an area the message calls on. Displaying one or more location cards can reference a place where something happened, or an area you're meant to investigate further.



Many experts believe that it's easier for one to see a ghost by its reflection in a mirror. One of the reasons for this is because if you're ever trying to look for a ghost, you're already concentrating too hard. It is said that you're more likely to see the vision of a ghost when you're not trying; that's when you truly open your mind and may catch a glimpse of a ghostly vision.

Have you ever been brushing your teeth, looking in a mirror, and you see something move in the room behind you? But then, when you glance over to see what it is, it disappears?

It is also said that mirrors are one of the easiest portholes to other realms. Science and mathematics tell us we have many dimensions that exist within our own, but they haven't yet figured out how all of them work or why they exist. Are these dimensions parallel universes? Are they additional senses we have yet to possess within our inner space? Are they worlds we evolve with and can pass into when our time is up here?

Many psychics use catoptromancy, which is mirror gazing, as a process to tell the future. Exaggerated examples of this can be found in such literature as Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, Arabian Nights, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Mirror gazing is one of many forms of scrying, which is divination through looking into a reflective surface. An example of such crystal gazing would be one using a crystal ball to see things past, present, and future.

This list of mystic and paranormal qualities mirrors have goes on. Let's face it, ever get the feeling that the person you see looking in the mirror is someone other than yourself?


This card can also reference a basement, or any man-made structure that is constructed beneath the ground.

This card can also reference a cemetery, burial ground, or a place where others are resting, whether the location was intended for bodies or not.


This card can call to someone or something that is physically underground, or under the floor you're presently standing on. Depending on the rest of the message, this could also call upon a place you're supposed to dig to find further answers.

This can mean inner or outer space, and is not a direct reference to aliens or U.F.O.s, but rather the deep vastness of the unknown. Space comprises the empty regions of the universe outside the atmospheres of celestial bodies. It is commonly theorized that in the far reaches of space as we know it, the boundaries between our own realm and the ones beyond do not exist.

Victim cards are usually indications of how a spirit you're communicating with may have passed on to the next stage. If that's the case, assuming they're safe and content, there's no need to see them as hopeless victims, as they have just crossed over into their next plane of existence. Often with an untimely departure from our world, spirits may have unfinished business, or some kind of resolution they need to carry on and rest in peace. Perhaps you can help with this.

However, be careful not to instantly assume a Victim card is automatically how a spirit may have died. The card could also be a reference to someone else who is or was a victim, be it past, present, or future.

Take caution here, both with the reading, and with how you resolve things physically in the living world. You cannot change the past, but you can influence the future.



Keep in mind that the spirits are not bound by the physical limitations we have, and yet they have rules of their own that confine them. Those on the other side are not as precise with reasoning and logic, but tend to dwell more in their emotions and things that give our soul an existence in the first place.

Therefore, it's important to note that cards like "Accident", "Age", and "Suffocation" may not be indicating how someone died, but rather how someone feels, be it among the living or on the other side.

Time cards represent when something will, did, or does happen. They can signify clues of when you should investigate something further. While a "Night" card may not be real specific, also drawing cards with numbers 1, 3, and 0 might tell you that something happened at 1:30 am.



The "Always" and "Never" cards can represent something that always lives, never dies, or vice versa. It can mean that something is in limbo, or locked into a particular state. Either card can be positive, negative, or neutral.


The "Past", "Present", and "Future" cards reference where in time something may have, is, or will happen.

Time is the fourth dimension, and we among the living are bound by it, but the direction is which time moves is mysterious. Albert Einstein once had a significant theory that time actually moves backwards- that we all have already died but forgot how it happens, and that we haven't started school yet but we know what it will be like on our first day. Some theorize that this accounts for visions such as Deja Vu. While you can't prove that this is how time moves, you can't prove it isn't the direction time flows, either.

Some scientists say that past, present, and future are really all happening at once, and that they are only separated by our own illusions and laws of physics that we place on ourselves. In turn, the boundaries between past, present, and future blend even more on the other side. These cards can help you decipher the difference between them.

This card represents the end of something. It could be something big, it could be something small. It could be a phase of someone's life, a problem finally getting solved, a habit kicked, or a friendship no more.

It's important to understand that this is usually not seen in a negative context. The end of one chapter is also the beginning of another. At the same time, every door opened is the closing of another. It's the passing of stages, and part of our evolution.

These usually convey a temporary block in the message that is being related through the cards. In the case of cards such as "Blind" or "Deaf", there is a chance that the message from the other side is referring to someone who is in fact blind or deaf. However, its more likely a metaphor for something blocking one's ability to see or hear something, be it in our realm or theirs. Cards like "Suffering", "Curse", or "Lost" also refer to an obstruction with someone or enforced upon someone, but to who and on what side is the part of the puzzle you'll need to complete.




Displaying an Equipment Card is a signal that you may want to focus on using that particular method to record data. For example, if you had a "Closet" card and an "Audio" card, that may tell you to record sound in the closet.

In addition to the 6 below, other ghost hunting tools can include infrared photography, geiger counters to measure radiation fluctuations, ultrasonic motion sensors, dowsing rods, and infrasound monitors.

Any type of camera is capable of catching visions of light and other unknown phenomena, be it on digital or traditional film. Some experts actually prefer less expensive cameras as opposed to ones with all the bells and whistles that auto focus and filter out anomalies that you want to capture.

Recording sound from the supernatural is called EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). A handy digital audio recorder can work well. As with cameras, some experts shun the use of high end recording equipment, as all of the noise gates can filter out the sounds and voices you'd want to record.

Any digital video camera can capture interesting visual oddities for further review. Many cameras these days also come standard with Night Vision, which helps keep a dark atmosphere intact.

It is said that one of the most common paranormal occurrences that can be easily recorded is thermal. Many psychics and mediums experiences a physical chill when a spirit passes through or even nearby. The fluctuation in temperature can be recorded with any standard thermometer.

An EMF (electromagnetic field) detector can measure fluctuations in unexplained magnetic fields which many attribute to ghosts or spirits. You can get an inexpensive EMF detector at any hardware store.

This method of recording is the task of writing (or drawing) without control of the conscious mind. This phenomena is called psychography, and when performed, the operator writes out messages from beyond, while it's believed that the true "director" of the writing is that of the departed.

The auto-writing process begins with a person who acts as the medium or channel for the writing. The medium begins with their hand holding a writing utensil, resting on a blank sheet of paper. The idea is for them to look away and divert their attention elsewhere- in this case- another person would begin a Konxari Card reading. What happens naturally is the hand will start to move, seemingly of its own violation. The marks made may begin as scribbled and nonsensical lines, but can develop into letters and ultimately, words. Once the konxari reader is finished interpreting the cards, only then would the medium and any other observers evaluate the written message.

A process like this can be an incredible enhancement to the konxari experience. When auto-writing is performed at the same time as a reading, many have found an uncanny synchronicity between a reader's message from the cards, and a medium's message from automatic writing.

The Energy cards express unseen forces that come into play. These cards often serve as an adjective to the statement, and usually aren't a dramatic clue to the overall message. At the same time, while seemingly vague on their own, the energy cards can certainly help piece the puzzle together.


Depending on how the card is played, "Healing" can be seen as what someone is or needs to go through, regardless if they are from beyond or walk among the living.

This can be seen as a curse, but the truth is most karma is positive. To weigh in on what the karma relates to, a reader would have to assess by evaluating the rest of the cards.

The angel card reflects positive energy. To some, that means an angel.

This card is the flip side of "Angel". It represents a negative energy. To some faiths, that means a demon, and if that is what you believe, then you know we all have them.

It's important to point out that the "Demon" card does not represent absolute evil, the Devil, or Satan. It's simply a negative connotation when read in context of other cards. It's the yin to the yang. Every action has a reaction somewhere else. So, even a positive action can create a negative action in another context, depending on how you look at it. Is the glass half empty, or half full?

While this card usually represents what life is to the living, keep in mind that specific lines between when a life begins and when one ends are not always clear.

Like Tarot Cards, the "Death" card is not always seen in the negative context, and certainly doesn't mean someone is going to die. To the ancients, death was usually interpreted as a new beginning, and one that was looked forward to, as it would bring one closer to a place of enlightenment.

A "Death" card could represent the end of a relationship or someone losing a job. In turn, a card like this could also signify a new chapter in which one will grow.

This card exemplifies something beyond, and perhaps beyond the spiritual world as we know it. Science and mathmatics tell us that we have many dimensions of existence, but we are unclear about how they work beyond the first four. Many believe that each time we pass, we evolve into a higher state of being and consciousness, one step closer to a final place of all-knowing enlightenment.

No one knows for sure, and that makes life's unknown mysteries all the more intriguing. In short, this card represents all that exists, and yet is beyond our comprehension.

This card represents one holding occupancy with or without rights of ownership. It usually means possession of a physical body, and more often happens without the owners permission. In the case of seances or a practice like konxari, any possession would likely be welcomed by a reader or observer.

Keep in mind, possessions are rarely negative ones, so there's no need for alarm, should this card pop up during a reading.

According to metaphysics, the human body is comprised of seven distinct elements, the first five of which are solid, liquid, gas, etheric, astral. These can be understood by the first five human senses, but the last two elements are mental and spiritual, and are virtually impossible to see by the human eye because they vibrate at too high a rate.

However, these energy patterns create both an inner and outer aura. The easiest to see is usually around one's head, which is called the nimbus. This is referred to, for example, in Christian art as halos or glorias. A person's aura changes color depending on their health and mood. For specific representations of what these colors can mean within an aura, be sure to check the Color section later in this book.

The "Aura" card serves as in indication to observe such energy patterns and colors, whether from those present or other unseen powers.

The message cards are often the most crucial to what spirits may be trying to communicate. When fully realized, these can directly relate to how you might be able to help them, or vice versa. This can be the key to helping a restless soul find peace.



In its most basic form, a prophecy is a truth set forth from a higher power, delivered to us among the living. In many religions, this is a divinely inspired revelation or interpretation. For faiths such as Catholicism, a prophecy can mean a foreknowledge of future events. As well, a prophecy can relay unknown past events, or even reveal present hidden things one wouldn't have understood otherwise.

This card symbolizes a mystery that is or will be revealed. The secret could be one that lies with someone present or on the other side. If this card is flipped, proceed with caution. If someone from the other side is willing to share a secret with those present, everyone must agree to hold this to their grave, unless otherwise advised.

Many times inanimate objects can play a part with those on the other side. At times, people can experience psychometry, which is an act where one can read an object and know it's unseen history- past, present, or future. As well, sometimes restless souls can identify with an object, or find a way to physically move it.

Lastly, an object such as a family heirloom may be in question or called upon. As an example, a spirit could be asking to carry out the deed of securing an object and delivering it to the rightful owner.

Deriving from the Latin word luna, the Moon has many different associations to the world of the supernatural, and the effects that lunar cycles can have on us psychologically. It's been proven that the moon can, in fact, drive us crazy. As a result, most hospitals and police stations know ahead of time to overbook staff during Full Moons, due to the overwhelming crisis that always seem to arise during this lunar phase.

Should this card come in to play during a reading, it would be wise to observe the current lunar phase and investigate how it may relate to the message at hand.

Not to be confused with prophecy, the "Legend" card represents a person or situation that has been documented before by man himself, as opposed to that of a deity. The person or situation in question could be that of someone alive or who has passed.

As well, though the term legend may conjure up the image of someone famous in history, chances are you're not talking to Abraham Lincoln. It's more likely that you may be communicating with someone more local; someone that has been written about or documented in your region, be it past or present.

Flipping a "Legend" card is a good indication that you may want to visit your local library, or surf the Internet with the clues you have to see if you can learn more. Newspapers, periodicals, or other various online sources may be able to point you in the right direction to find the answers you need.

The Astral Plane is described as the first sphere after bodily death; said to be a refined texture of the material. Many believe that our bodies have an invisible double, known as the spirit, the ethereal body, or astral body. The ability to send out this etheric double, causing it to travel without the physical body is called astral projection. In other words, astral projections are journeys undertaken by the unconscious wile the conscious mind is at rest.

Many folks confuse dreams with actual out-of-body experiences like astral projection, especially in dreams where one appears to be lucid. An example of astral projection would be a dream where you are walking somewhere and happen to trip- your physical body gets the sensation of being snapped back to consciousness. Experts say that in an event like this, the astral body emerges from the solar plexus or the Third Eye.

This card refers to such events taking place on the Astral Plane, be it those of the living or those on the other side.

Dreams can play a big role with deciphering paranormal messages. Many people can't remember any of their dreams, while at best, some can recall several from any given night. The truth is, we all dream and can have a large number of them, averaging about a dozen during the course of a normal night's sleep. Upon remembering events when conscious, they can appear to be outlandish and ridiculous, but the reality is that you often are recalling the highlights of several dreams, and mistakingly connect them into one.

Said to exist on the Astral Plane, dreams often give messages confirming a life after death. Many people also have prophetic dreams, showing visions of something that will happen in the future. There are many books and studies on dreams, and what they symbolize, so it is recommended to further explore what yours may be telling you.

in terms of relating your dreams to konxari, especially if the "Dream" card appears in a message, it's advised that everyone documents their dreams the following night, as detailed as they can the minute they awaken.

This card represents a challenge or a puzzle for you to solve. Those on the other side are limited in the ways they can contact us, and vice versa, which is one of the reasons Konxari Cards work so well. Rather than being distraught over these boundaries, spirits often take delight in playing games or creating riddles. Remember, in the spirit plane, ghosts feed off emotion, because in essence, that's all that remains physically.

That's not to say that the puzzle you need to solve was specifically created for you by a spirit who enjoys toying with your patience. There's a good chance that the challenge you have, evolved out of limitations in communication, and it's up to you to read between the lines.

Take a good look at the cards, symbols and letters. Something is here, and it's speaking to you.