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My Mother had passed away unexpectedly, and I was really going through a difficult time accepting this. Ever since she died, really strange things started happening around the house. Loud noises. Objects moving by themselves. It was getting so bad- we were ready to move.

So, I decided to give the Konxari Cards a try. I did a reading, and it was weird because I really felt like my Mom was trying to contact me. However, the cards that were laid out didn't seem to make a whole lot of sense.

Suddenly, I realized that the images weren't the message, but the letters on all the cards actually spelled out MY DRAWER. This was really crazy, because my Mom always had this drawer where she would keep her nick nacks.

So, I went into her room, opened the drawer, and there was this broach that my Mom gave me when I was a child. I hadn't seen it in 20 years. I thought I had lost it for good, but suddenly there it was in her drawer. You have no idea what this family heirloom meant to me.

I knew that at the moment, my Mom was watching me, and she was happy. Oddly enough, the loud noises, all the paranormal activity, it all stopped after that. I know now my Mom is in a better place.

-NANAE ADDLESON, Portland, Oregon

Last January during a snow storm my boyfriend Rob was involved in a multiple-car accident and died. I was devastated, and a month later a friend told me about Konxari Cards. I figured I would give it a shot to try and find some sort of closure and peace. I desperately needed to contact Rob for one last goodbye.

I set a small table in my bedroom and drew the cards. The placement and images seemed random. Cards such as Bedroom, Always, Love, and random letters like S,N,O were drawn. Attempting to make some sense of the cards, I figured that S-N-O might mean the snow storm and the accident he lost his life in.

I really felt that the "Always" card was calling to me, but the only thing that came to mind was the Richard Dreyfus movie that we both loved to watch together. But no clear message could be discerned.

Two weeks later, Rob's mother was packaging his personal effects and other items of Rob's. She called me up in tears and had me come over.

Arriving at her house, she explained that as she was collecting some of the pictures from his bedroom there was a picture hanging of the two of them at the ski trip where we met. She lifted the framed picture off the wall to reveal a small box taped to the back. Rob's mother handed me the box.

Inside the box was a modest engagement ring that Rob was planning to give me. The inner band was engraved, "Always".

-LAURA MANNING, Indianapolis, Indiana

Some friends and I are amateur ghost hunters and I purchased a Konxari set at the WonderCon in San Francisco. Every time I use the deck, no matter where I am or how randomly I shuffle the deck, the "Future" card always comes up.

I happened to mention this to my mother one day when talking about my most recent investigation. She remembered that her father, who died when I was very young, and who, coincidentally, I am named after, used to say that" tomorrow is for fixing the mistakes of today".

It is my sincere belief that the constant display of the future card is his way of saying he still watches over me.

-RICHARD VALLIM, Petaluma, California

While conducting a paranormal investigation of a haunted house in Harrison Township, Michigan, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to try the Konxari Cards for the first time while on an active Ghost Hunt.

I employed the "Bridge" alternate spread and at opposite ends of the spread sat the Love and Demon cards. I made note of this during the EVP session in the room and after a short time moved on to the next room of interest in the house. During the analysis phase an EVP was discovered during this time frame that sounded eerily similar to a woman screaming. You should hear how creepy this is!

Later, researching the house's history, one of the homeowners in the 1940's were newlyweds that were involved in a murder-suicide.

I can't get over how chilling the scream sounds, and that it happened when the Love and Demon cards were drawn. Perhaps these tortured souls still walk the halls.

-WILL HART, Madison Heights, Michigan

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