This page has been created to provide information for users requesting
permission to use my artwork. It is meant to be informative and prevent
future disputes involving copyrights and/or misuse. Please READ THIS PAGE
CAREFULLY before using any artwork. Feel free to email if you have any

You may use artwork found on this website provided you abide the following:

You may only reproduce images for personal, non-commercial use. Please note
that unauthorized reproduction for commercial use is illegal. If you want to
use a piece of artwork but are unsure if it's ok, do send an email
explaining what you want to do with it.

You may alter the image so long as it is not altered to such extent it may
be deemed graphically explicit/ pornographic, politiclly inappropriate, or
else defames the original integrity of the artwork and/or its creator. You
may not combine imagery created by me with other graphics and resell such
artwork as original artwork unless a specific agreement has been reached

Some of the artwork here may be considered unsuitable for minors. Please
ensure the appropriate precautions are taken when reproducing the artwork.

Please include '© Mitch Foust' somewhere on the artwork. Where possible,
please include my website link -

Please do not directly link to images on this site.

The terms above are subject to change without notice. Please check back
periodicially for updates. By using the artwork, you agree that you have
read and accepted the terms and conditions listed here, or if you are under
18, your parent or guardian has read and accepted these terms and conditions
on your behalf.

If you unsure about anything, please do send an email.